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Pennsylvania's Abortion Control Act
Pennsylvania's Abortion Control Act

In order to comply with the Abortion Control Act, each patient must receive state-mandated information from a physician at least 24 hours before the procedure starts. There are three ways to get this information:
1) At an initial consultation visit in our office, allowing you to return 24 hours or more later for your abortion.
2) By speaking with one of our physicians by phone and coming to AWC to complete all of your services in one visit.
3) By asking your own doctor or clinic to give you the information at least 24 hours before your appointment at AWC.

Pennsylvania law also requires that a parent or guardian give consent for a patient under 18. If a patient is unable or unwilling to get a parent's consent, our staff can help her meet with a judge to determine that she is mature and able to give consent for herself. This is called a Judicial Bypass. Our telephone counselors can give you more information about this option.

The Consultation at AWCDSC 0070

If you choose to get the 24-hour consent at AWC, there will be a group information session during which a physician explains the procedure, complications, and alternatives. You will be asked to give a small urine sample to test your protein levels and confirm that you are pregnant. A laboratory technician will do a finger stick to determine your blood type. After you complete your medical chart, a nurse will review your medical history and perform an ultrasound to measure the pregnancy.

One of our counselors will meet with you privately to discuss options, risks, aftercare, and birth control. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and talk about your decision. After making an initial deposit, you will be given instructions and an appointment for surgery. This visit usually takes about 2 hours.

If you choose to have a telephone consultation with one of AWC's physicians instead of coming into the office for your consultation, all of the services outlined above will be done on the day of your procedure visit. Please be aware that because of this, patients who choose to do everything in one day will have a longer appointments than those who make two trips.