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Birth Control Options

Our medical staff and counselors will spend the time to help you choose the method of contraception that is right for you and your lifestyle. Free samples of some birth control methods may be available at your appointment.

AWC offers the following options:

OCPsOral Contraceptives ("Birth Control Pills")
One of the most popular methods of contraception, oral contraceptives are very effective if taken as prescribed. Pills can be started right away, on the first Sunday after your period begins, or on the first Sunday after an abortion. There are many different types of oral contraceptives and our staff will assist you in choosing the pill that will be best for you. For more information, call AWC.
Ortho Evra

Ortho Evra® ("The Patch")
A weekly contraceptive patch is available by prescription at your visit. Apply the patch to your skin on the first Sunday during your period or on the first Sunday after an abortion. The patch needs to be changed once per week. For more information, call AWC or visit the official Ortho Evra website.

nuvaringNuvaRing® ("The Ring")
NuvaRing is a clear, flexible ring that is inserted vaginally. Hormones are released continuously for three weeks and the ring is removed during the week of your period. Every four weeks, a new ring must be inserted in order to be effective. NuvaRing is usually started on the first Sunday during a period or the first Sunday after an abortion. For more information, call AWC or visit the official website for NuvaRing.

Depo-Provera® or MPA ("The Shot")
Your first contraceptive injection can be given within the first five days of your period or the first five days after an abortion. It lasts for 12 weeks and is one of the most affordable methods of hormonal contraception. For more information, call AWC.

A long-term, reversible method of birth control, Nexplanon is an implant that is inserted in the arm between the bicep and tricep. It can be used for up to 3 years and is more than 99% effective. Insertion can be done at any time during your menstrual cycle or on the day an abortion is performed. Most insurance plans cover Nexplanon. For more information, call AWC or visit the official Nexplanon website.

IUD (Intra-uterine Device)
IUDAn IUD is a long-term, reversible method of birth control that is inserted into the uterus by a doctor. AWC offers three types:
1) Skyla, which contains hormones and is effective for up to 3 years
2) Mirena, which contains hormones and is effective for up to 5 years

3) Paragard, which is hormone-free and is effective for up to 10 years 
Most insurance plans cover IUDs, but if yours does not, a payment plan may be available through the device's manufacturer. IUDs are usually inserted during a period or at a follow-up exam after an abortion. Preliminary STD and pap testing must be completed prior to inserting an IUD. For more information, call AWC or visit the official websites for Paragard, Skylaand Mirena.

EssureEssure Tubal Sterilization Procedure
The Essure permanent birth control system is designed to provide a non-incisional alternative for women seeking sterilization. It does not require general anesthesia and the procedure can be done in our office. It works by inserting micro-inserts in the fallopian tubes. Over a three month period, tissue grows around the inserts and blocks the fallopian tubes, resulting in permanent birth control. For more information, call AWC or visit the official Essure website.

Emergency Contraceptive Pills ("Morning-After Pill" or "Plan B")Plan B
Emergency contraception must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse and is 75-95% effective at preventing pregnancy. Because ECPs work best when taken as soon as possible, AWC offers same-day appointments for ECPs without a prescription. For more information, call AWC or visit the Plan B website.

A diaphragm is a soft latex or silicone dome with a spring molded into the rim, which creates a seal against the walls of the vagina. This barrier method must be inserted before every act of intercourse and left in place for 6-8 hours before removing. Contraceptive gel must be used with a diaphragm in order for it to be effective. Call AWC for more information or to schedule a fitting.

Condoms & SpermicidesCondoms
Both male and female condoms are barrier methods of contraception. If used properly during every act of intercourse, they are very effective at preventing pregnancy. Using a spermicide such as VCF® while using a condom provides additional contraceptive benefits. For more information, call AWC or visit VCF's website and FC2 Female Condom website.