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Counseling Services

We know that dealing with an unplanned pregnancy can be difficult. Talking with a trained counselor can help sort through feelings, clarify the decision, and ease anxiety. Pre-abortion counseling and non-directive options counseling are offered at no charge for AWC patients.DSC 0068

Counseling Services

Due to the 24 hour waiting period in Pennsylvania, some women choose to come in for a Consultation Visit to obtain the information from the doctor and get some pre-operative work done. A finger stick for the lab and an ultrasound, along with filling out portions of a medical chart will be completed during this appointment. During the visit, you’ll have a private counseling session with an AWC counselor, who will tailor the session to fit your needs. Some women need a long time to talk about their concerns, while others do not.

If you chose to come in for a Consultation Visit you can explore all your pregnancy options--abortion, adoption, and parenthood--and discuss your decision in a supportive, nonjudgmental environment. You will not be pressured, but will be supported in doing what's best for you and your life right now.

Support Persons

If you bring someone with you to support you through this experience, that person may accompany you during your counseling session if you request it. Because of liability and security issues, however, that person cannot accompany you during the medical parts of your visit. If your support person would like to speak with a counselor privately, tell your counselor.

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